TiramisuWine List

Wine List

Red Wines

Bottle of House Red
Full Bodied Table Wine£13.95
Half Bottle House Red
Full Bodied Table Wine£9.95
Glass of House Red
Full Bodied Table Wine£4.00
Barbera D'Alba Sucule
Intense and concentrated nose of black cherries£27.95
Dolcetto D'Alba D.O.C.
Bottle. Pleasantly Winey, Typically Fruity£28.95
Chianti Ruffino
Bottle. 12%, a Fruity Medium Red Wine£25.90
Barolo Milani
Bottle. Highly Refined, Robust, velvety, Well Balanced£38.90
Amarone Vigneti Di Roccolo
Bottle. The King of Wines. Very fruity and Full Bodied.£46.90


House Rose
Bottle. Fresh and Fruity.£14.90
Rose Fruity
Bottle. Extra Fruity.£16.90
Pinot Grigio
White Wines

White Wines Perfecto With Fish & Chicken

House White

Fresh, Delicate & Flowery£12.50
Half Bottle
Fresh, Delicate & Flowery£7.90
Fresh, Delicate & Flowery£4.00

Special White Wines

Bottle. 12%, Medium Dry£15.90
Bottle. 12%, Dry & fruity£15.90
Bottle. Sparkling & Sweet£12.50
Pinot Grigio
Bottle. Dry, full of flavour with asmooth texture£16.90

Beers Refreshing & Cold

Italian Beers

Nastro Azzuro Peroni
500ml Bottle, 5.2%£2.90

Happy Hours

Every Day up to 7pm
Just £9.95 per person
Choice of Starters & Mains